Turf Maintenance: a pest is any plant / insect / animal in the wrong place at the wrong time. Therefore this includes weeds, lawn grubs and invasive grasses
Tree and Shrub Care: Gabriel tree service is one of the famous and the likable tree service provider in Los Angeles. We will do our job with great punctuality and will take care about for your trees and shrubs. We have answers to frequently asked questions as well as step-by-step tree and shrub care instruction
Lawns maintenance and installation: lawn maintenance and lawn care to fresh landscape designs for businesses, residential areas and multifamily complexes.
Transplanting and Removal: For The Safe transplanting of all Palms And Trees, Gabriel's Trees Services for all your needs from your simple transplant requirements to the large commercial project. With Free Quotes and Specialist Advice. Customers are our number one priority. We offer personalized service and attention
Irrigation Management:  Irrigation management involved various actors, various scales and various stakes. Models can be a useful tool to help in improving management.
Erosion Control: Erosion control is the practice of preventing or controlling wind or water erosion in agriculture, land develpment and construction. Effective erosion controls are important techniques in preventing water pollutiin and soil loss.
Landscape Renovation and Enhancement: If you are looking landscape design service at affordable and reliable price it may be complete here, Gabriel tree service is one of the best tree service, tree trimming, and landscape design provider in Los Angeles. We have great experience expert which make your landscape design as beautiful as you are. Get landscape design los angeles ideas and motivation from our cultivating specialists to design your own particular lawn. Gabriel Landscape Enhancement improves your property value, We always concentrate on ways to solve your challenges.
Weed and Pest Management (including chemical-free options)
Plant Inventory and Management Programs: Maintenance needs assessment and prioritization. • Tree planting and removal planning and prioritization. Inventory-Facilitated Management Activities.
Green Waste Recycling: The Green Waste Recycling Service is a collection service where your green waste is collected separately to other ‘wastes’ and recycled.


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