Stump Grinding: stump grinding makes use of natures products, the grindings from the tree stump are a natural mulch highly rich with nutrients. (Normally the mulch is highly acidic and should be balanced)

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Stump Removal:  The termites love wood that is on top of and inside the ground. A stump must be removed if you want to plant, landscape, install or replace a fence, or perform construction in the same area. The stump continues to grow (determined by sucker-growth) and so do the roots, which may be pushing up cement areas, house foundations, fences, etc. A stump may be removed to allow drainage or because it is obstructing a waterway. You simply may not like seeing the stump there.

Crown Reduction: is used for many reasons such as to reduce wind resistance, water up-take, to control the size of a tree in a restricted environment or to allow more light through.

Crown clearing: opens the foliage of a tree, reduces weight on heavy limbs, and helps retain the tree's natural shape. The volume of the branches to be removed will normally be expressed as a percentage of the whole crown.


Brusch clearance:  we perform ongoing Brush Clearance on city properties, parks, private residences and county properties. All work includes removal of hazardous brush, legal disposal and at times, poison oak abatement.


Dead wooding:   It is important for reasons of safety involving persons or property to have deadwood in your tree regularly inspected and cleared of any danger or liability of falling branches.


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Seasonal Fire Wood: Let our seasoned dried firewood keep you warm this winter.



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